Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday_Joke of the Day

It's killing me that I can't do anything like this at my office.

Monkey Trouble
Borrow all the pictures from his desk and office. Scan the photos, and use a photo-editing program to put monkey faces onto everyone's faces. Print them out and place them back on the victim's desk.

I love Stumbleupon, and now I can't stay off of it. It has got to be my favorite site.

Take an item from the victim's office (something they use a lot such as a special coffee cup, stapler, pencil cup, etc.). Take a picture of the item and leave it on the victim's desk (in the same spot where the item was located), along with a "ransom" note.

I would feel like Jim Halpert everyday.

Where Do I Go?
This trick works great if you work in an office building that has two entrances. Print up two signs that say "Please Use Other Door." Put one on each door, with arrows pointing toward the opposite door.

Or maybe more like Pam

Make some copies of a paperclip. Then put them into the paper tray of the copier. People will go nuts trying to find the paperclip stuck in the printer.

This would be funny if my co-workers weren't charged to print.

I'm sort of a nerd. Haha

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