Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Love Elance. And a Couple Click For Cash Sites

I recently signed up for, and I LOVE this site!
In a recently signed up for, Which is great for starting and practicing your writing skills, while slowly earning residual income. I enjoyed the layout and especially the forums at Hubpages, but Elance gives you so many more opportunities to earn money.
Both of the sites are free, but Elance is for more experienced writers who know thier skills, whereas hubpages help you find your skills.

I've tried a lot of different Online Money-making sites; most are slow money-makers. was my first "click for cash" site. They sucked me in with their most famous logo

I have earned $60 in the past 2 years- but there was a full year in there where I completely neglected the site. Now there is a "Spin and Win" wheel- YAY GAMBLING!!

Here are some more sites if YOU are looking for "click for cash" site. Pick the one you think is best because a lot of the offers are the same, which makes it difficult to get credit!

Check them out- let me know which works best for you.