Sunday, October 14, 2012

October Update- It's been too long!!!

So its about time I jump back on this blog! So many things have been changing for me- moving; relationships; career goals.

I no longer have the eBay store- as the market has been flooded with people trying to make money to live.  So I guess its time to get personal on here.

I was recently diagnosed with Chiari Malformation type 1. The condition is not "rare", just uncommon. I am still learning a lot about it- but I can not fully grasp the concept of the condition and what I must change in my life- until I see a neurologist. I have no health insurance- but hopefully will have it by the 1st of November.

This recent turn of events with my health has forced me to follow politics (obamacare, and all that).
Still undecided on my vote.. as I am just recently starting to research the candidates. Not only do you need to look at which is best for you personally, but also who will be better for the nation. It seems that people either look at what is best for themselves or what is best for the whole population.

Any thoughts on this??

Just a little update for you guys :)

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