Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Best Time To List on EBay

I have been researching this topic for weeks now, and many sources seem to be on the fence about when to post on EBay. Many sources say Sunday evenings will get your listing the most views; although it has been said that this can also decrease your potential sales. Buyers can get easily distracted from your item, when similar items are being thrown at them. Let's check this out.

 First of all, the best time of day to post greatly depends on what you are selling. I sell mostly clothing, so we will dig into this category. The following will probably not work as well for say- antique paintings.

Tips on getting traffic to your shop RIGHT NOW!

1. I can not count how many posts I have seen stating that Sunday is the best day to end an auction! Either you can make a seven day listing on Sundays to maximize your sales, or "start a 10 day auction on a Thursday." (Mike Steben, 2010) The 10 day duration will give you two weekends to maximize your views.

2. kruser11 says "I like to end mine between the hours of 8 pm and 10 pm CST".

-Many Ebayers agree with this time- mostly because this is when everyone is settling in and relaxing in their "Me Time".

3. "I've found that many of my buyers are using sniping tools so they just bid what they feel the value is to them and don't worry or care what time it ends, about staying awake or even watching the auctions"- prying1

-This is a great point- Sniping sites are getting very popular, and make it easy for people to shop on a budget.

4. Some believe that there is no "time to post" that will get you more sales. aaana, an Ebay Seller, says that,"[she is] not convinced that there is a best time ... Bidders can use the search functions, as well as browse and if you have items that are well described at a decent price - they will find your listings".

-I think I agree with this opinion above the others. If your item is in high demand, it will most likely sell; of course, it is up to you to optimize its keywords, photos, and description!

No matter what you read- the best way to find the best time to post on EBay is to experiment yourself!
Play around with Auctions, times, Buy It Now, and keywords until you find what best suits YOU!




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