Saturday, April 27, 2013

Blogger App Review- Is it Easier for IPhone Users? Vs. Blogger App

Recently I downloaded the blogger app for my iPhone 4

I expected to get the same features as I did with the website although I was a little disappointed.

As many of you know, my computer is dead, and I have had no luck in finding a new one ( used is still new to me- hint hint... Still looking....)
So it has been hard for me to post new blogs on my small phone screen.

On top of this, I was laid off Friday- so now my finances are dwindling... So that dream of finding another computer is also dwindling. Luckily, I made a lot of contacts in my two years at Remax, and gained SO much experience!

So let's get a move on!

Here's a bit of an overview of blogger. Com and the  Blogger App

My fellow bloggers know that has an easy to use interface with in depth analytical tools- even more so if you integrate google analytics!

Also, Blogger has given us the option to integrate Google+ comments!
More comments = more readers

 Blogger. Com makes it easy for anyone to write about what they know; IT Specialists, Artists, or Crazy old Cat Ladies- don't judge.

I thought the Blogger App would make my Blogging quicker and easier, but I was a bit disappointed in the features.

There are only four main icons on the home screen- Posts, New Post, View Blog, and Settings.

There is no way to see your dashboard, your traffic sources, your views, etc.

If you are looking for the detailed review check it out Here. I hate writing 2,000 word blogs- they belong in informative articles!

I'm sure that Blogger will continue to improve their App, as it is still pretty new.

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