Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Smart Shopping

1. Strategically.
Start in one section, look through each item, then work your way around to all of the sections of the store. Sure, it is tempting to jump from the women's sales rack to the children's sales rack, but this can cause you to miss amazing deals that aren't even on the sales rack.

2. Timing.
If you are able to, go shopping very early or very late. These off times allow you to beat the crowds; you won't have to fight others for a $2.00 item! In our local Goodwill, I try to be the first one there- this puts me an hour ahead of all of the others. Also, strategic shopping can also help you here- I start with the section I usually find the most deals in (handbags) then work my way around. This gets me all the handbags I want before everyone else sifts through it!

3.Sale Days.
If you have a local Goodwill, go on their sale days! This sale day clears out a lot of their inventory so they will not be overloaded throughout the week. Plus, new donations are flooding in on weekends; so everything being processed and brought on to the floor is "new"! My Goodwill sale day is Sunday- all of the clothes are 50% off!

Rue 21 also has some amazing seasonal sales- at the end of  winter, they usually have racks of jeans marked down to $7 or $10. I try to get stretch jeans in case I gain a few pounds over the winter (darn that irresistible Thanksgiving turkey!). Shop for off-season items- it will save you so much more in the long run!

So there you have it! 3 ways for smarter shopping!

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