Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two Great Stores For Deals

I turned 22 today. And it was a great birthday! My family and I went out to get a printer in Timonium, and I found a few new places to shop!
1.) "Uptown Cheapskate"

GREAT store! They had many popular brands- but they were a bit pricey for me to resell for a profit. They have great deals on handbags like Vera Bradley. And everything was in perfect condition. You can give them cash when checking out; or trade them clothes. I fell like they are going to get A LOT of business!

2.) Goodwill in Timonium

I am very loyal to my local Goodwill; but this Goodwill has got it goin' on! Their selection was amazing- in fact- I only went through the handbag section! I walked out with about 15 brand name handbags for under $70. This store is a bit too far for me to shop there daily, but it is a definite weekend hit!

By the time I was done with my handbag shopping spree, it was pouring- so we decided to cut the day a bit short. All in all, I had a great birthday, and I can not wait to list my Nine West, Isaac Mizrahi, and Fossil bags! There are many more- I just can not remember them all right now!

Also, I'd like to thank Hurricane Irene for showing up for my birthday. Hopefully we do not get hit TOO hard- please be safe everyone!

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